Infertility Treatment

The possible causes of infertility are many, and as such there are various types of treatment that can be employed. At Aurora Clinic, before recommending a specific treatment we will first conduct a thorough assessment of your current state of health. Our objective is to help you have a successful pregnancy.

However, you do have to bear in mind that this is not always possible and as such, at Aurora Clinic, whilst we will always provide you with extensive advice and information about our treatments, we will never give you false expectations.

Treatment methods:

Conservative treatment:
  • Treatment of ovaries
  • Treatment of fallopian tubes
  • Treatment of neck of the uterus
  • Treatment of sexual hormones
  • Induction of ovulation
  • Cytology-Papanicolau, fresh vaginal smear, hormonal cytology
  • Post coital test
  • Fern test
  • Gynecological, transvaginal ultrasound
  • HSG (hysterosalpingography)
Operative treatment:
  • Operation of fallopian tubes
  • Operation of uterus
  • Operation of ovaries
  • Operation of neck of the uterus
Insemination with partner's semen

Our specialist, Dr. Aurora, has extensive experience in treating infertility. Her success in this field of medicine has brought happiness to the lives of many couples.